And the Purple Cow goes to…!

If you visited a farm, you likely wouldn’t be surprised to find some cows roaming around. But what if one of those cows were purple? Now that’d be remarkable! That’s exactly the thought behind our aptly-named Purple Cow Award! At Renaissance Rentals, we’re always striving to give our residents a remarkable leasing experience, and sometimes our staff goes above and beyond to accomplish this. We reward these efforts with the aforementioned award and this year it went to Maddie Bradley and Nathan Stang (yours truly!)

We were awarded the Purple Cow because of a holiday season gift we created and distributed to residents! We customized mugs with the names of all residents at our Porto Flats and HighGrove communities, stuffed them with cocoa packets and instant cider, and distributed them with a warm note – “We hope this mug and cocoa helps you stay warm this winter!”

If you lease at a Renaissance Rentals community, you can count on a remarkable experience!

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