Apartment Spotlight – 2 Bedrooms at Covenanter Hill

Covenanter Hill 2 bedrooms

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Peanut butter & jelly, milk & cookies, Sonny & Cher…

Whether it’s food, a duet, or an apartment, all great combinations compliment each other.

At Covenanter Hill, on the east side of Bloomington Indiana, we’ve got a pretty good combination for you in the form of 2 different 2 bedroom apartment styles (The one level Flat & the Two level Town Home).   These two apartment styles share a lot in common, but there are distinct differences to match your specific needs.

So you like Covenanter Hill, you know you want a 2 bedroom, now what?  First lets find out a little more about what the 2 bedrooms have in common.

Common amenities and features shared by the 2 Bed Flat & 2 Bed  TownHome

  • Spacious at 1200 sq. ft., including a cartwheel friendly living room (it’s big!)
  • Full kitchen includes the extra must haves – yes, disposal & dishwasher ready to make your life easy
  • All electric means NO gas bill and less utilities to have to remember to pay each month
  • Woof Woof, Purr Purr – Mature cats and non-aggressive small breed dogs are welcome
  • No bathroom compromises – Each bedroom comes with its own private full bath
  • Unwind,  Read, Sip – Private outdoor porch/deck with storage closet
  • Laundry Mat, here we come – J/K – full-size washer/dryer included!
  • With a roommate, the 2014-15 rates will bring you in at under $500 a person.  Affordable living in the expensive Bloomington market
  • Best Staff, maintenance team & rental neighborhood on the east side… end of story

 Now you know the common elements, how about the differences…

Covenanter Hill 2 Bedroom Flat

  • All are on the ground level – great if you’re not looking forward to climbing stairs to get in and out of your apartment every day
  • One level of living space – no stairs outside, no stairs inside – moving in and out is a breeze (just hope for a cool day)
  • Dual person cartwheel friendly living room.  Because you have no stairs inside your home, your living room is a little larger than the town homes
  • Slightly larger bedrooms – bedrooms are a smidgen larger in the Flat
  • Fire up the grill – because you’re on the ground level, gas grills are permitted on your back porch

Covenanter Hill 2 Bedroom Town Home

  • Two levels of living space separates the living space from the sleeping space.  Kitchen, dining, living room are on the main level and the 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms are on the 2nd level
  • No guests in my bathroom – there is a 1/2 bath on the main level, so guests do not have to use your private baths
  • Not above my head – There are no apartments on a level above yours which generally leads to less noise transfer. You won’t here people walking around above because there is no one above you – you’re the top dog.

So, which will it be, a Flat or a Town Home (psst – there is no wrong answer)?

Click to contact us to ask questions, get more info, schedule a tour or to sign a lease.

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