Apartment Spotlight – Breaking Away Loft at SummerHouse

SummerHouse Breaking Away Loft

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Yes, we named this apartment style after the famous movie.  The current SummerHouse site was actually in the Breaking Away movie and for years, we received royalties,very very small though 🙁

Lets get the basics out of the way first: You’re looking at a Well-designed & Brand New top level (3 of 3) 1 bedroom & 1 bathroom apartment with 664 sq.ft of living space, 21 ft vaulted ceilings, a large open loft, & all utilities included.  Located at SummerHouse Apartments on the east side of Bloomington, just a 5 minute drive to the Indiana University campus.  Click here for Google Map

Why will you love the Breaking Away Loft?  You’re number 1!  Well, you’ll be the first person to ever live here; everyone loves that fresh new home smell.  Apartment will be ready on August 1st. We’ve also taken away one of the most dreaded aspects of moving…transferring utilities.  No worries here…

  • all utilities are included
  • FREE WiFi Internet
  • FREE DirecTV cable with HD channels
  • trash removal and parking, too.  Ok, now we’re just bragging.

One of the most interesting & unique  features is the Loft, which is open to the living room & bedroom below.  It’s a pretty large space, at about 130 sq.ft, so the possibilities are endless (art room to yoga studio and anything in-between).

Other features include:

  • full kitchen with D/W too
  • waterproof vinyl plank flooring
  • window seat with hidden extra storage
  • ceilings fans in bed & living area
  • USB wall outlets for charging mobile devices
  • dimmer switches for mood lighting
  • HE Front Load washer/dryer
  • High tech entry locks
  • comfy beach house style design

Being on the top level means there is no one above you which generally equates to a quieter living experience. There is also a bump-out area in your bedroom, great spot for a desk.

Sorry, no pets

More details available here – Breaking Away Loft details

If you have questions or would like to schedule a tour, you can call or text us at 812-332-2141 or by clicking here to submit an online request.

PS: managed by Bloomington’s favorite landlord, Renaissance Rentals


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