Apartment Spotlight – Scholar’s Quad 2 bedroom

Quad 2 bedroom

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ONLY read on if you are you are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment that is…

  • PERFECT for roommates
  • within walking distance to IU and has great bus access too
  • stylish & contemporary
  • NOT in a crazy party location
  • has some utilities included with washer/dryer included as well

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, here is a little more info about Scholar’s Quad and the 2 bedroom apartment style.

Scholar’s Quad is a contemporary collegiate apartment community that was built in 2003 with 72 total apartments (36 1-bedrooms & 36 2-bedrooms).  There are three total buildings, each three stories tall and they overlook a grassy courtyard.  You might have figured by the name, that is has a Quad design. It’s definitely a community where many IU students rent (both undergrad & grad).  It’s not a crazy apartment community like… oh wait, maybe we shouldn’t say, but you know what we’re talking about.

Scholar’s Quad is located just east of 10th & the Bypass on 10th Street.  It’s about a 7-10 minute walk (6 if you’re a power walker) to the main library and the 6 & 9 buses both pick up nearby.  Can’t get much more convenient than that, right?

Besides what was listed above, here are some additional highlights for the 2 bedrooms at Quad…

  • Choose from a ground level, middle level or top level apartment (top level have vaulted ceilings). End apartments have extra windows
  • Both bedrooms are the same size, each has a lighted closet with organizational system, ceiling fan & private full bath
  • Open concept living space, there are no barriers between living room & kitchen
  • Kitchen is large & fully loaded – even get a disposal & DISHWASHER (no hand washing dishes!)
  • Water, sewer, Internet, trash removal & parking are all FREE!  You only pay for gas & electric
  • 768 sq. ft of thoughtfully designed living space
  • Contemporary design with features like pendant lighting, brushed nickel fixtures & stained concrete floors in the kitchen
  • Cats welcome
  • Click for even more info

If you’re in the market for a 2 bedroom apartment near IU, keep us in mind.  You can CONTACT US online or call us at 812-323-7359.  We’re available for walk-in tours or for scheduled tours Mon-Sat.

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