Employee Spotlight: Get to know Cade Justice!

Renaissance Rentals is staffed by a diverse team of local professionals. In our employee spotlight blog series, we’ll be highlighting the talented individuals that help to make our company Bloomington’s most trusted local landlord!

Cade Justice is the maintenance technician for the MeadowCreek Neighborhood, as well as our newest communities: Cape Dutch Villas, Porto Flats, and HighGrove. Needless to say, Cade’s a busy guy! But he nevertheless succeeds at keeping each apartment in those communities in great shape. Our residents love how detail-oriented Cade is, and how deftly he resolves maintenance issues. To help you learn more about Cade, I’ve asked him some “getting to know you” questions.

1.) What is your favorite local restaurant?

“I would have to give a few options here. If you’re looking for a chill burrito joint, the Laughing Planet Cafe is the place to go. If you’re looking for a great date spot, Le Petit Cafe is perfect. If you’re looking for a cozy breakfast, The Cozy Table will provide!

2.) Everyone’s got a guilty pleasure. What’s yours?

“Lately, it’s been a whole lot of Rihanna!”

3.) What are your favorite TV or streaming shows?

“I typically enjoy comedy sitcoms like The Office or Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I also keep up with stand-up comedy and frequently tune into the JRE (Joe Rogan Experience) podcast among others.”

4.) What is one item that you couldn’t live without?

“A dad hat, 24/7.”

5.) What is your favorite part about working at Renaissance Rentals?

“Easily, it’s my fellow employees and the sense of community we have here. It’s a tight-knit company and I feel like anyone and everyone is just a quick phone call away!”

6.) What is your favorite movie?

“My favorite movie is probably The Royal Tenenbaums because the soundtrack is 10/10, the colors and sets are creative, and the writing is very thoughtful!”

7.) How long have you lived in the Bloomington area and what do you like most about it?

“I’ve lived here since 2016 and I enjoy the openness of the community, the art and music events, and the fun shops around town.”

8.) Of all the floorplans and apartments our company offers, do you have a favorite?

“I actually live in a 2-bedroom Stillwater townhome over at Summer Park and it couldn’t suit my family and I any better. There is a park close by, a beautiful deck out back. and we have kind neighbors. It’s a small, quiet community perfect for a family.”

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