Get to know Lindsay Vrooman

Lindsay joined the Renaissance Rentals team in December 2014.  She works with us part-time and focuses on special projects, such as the Lakes Neighborhood, marketing, research, and leasing related projects.

Lindsay is From Baden, PA. She swam for Indiana University for 4 years while attending college.  Lindsay is a long distance freestyle swimmer and is currently training for the 2016 Olympic trials.  At the beginning of July 2015, she won 2 silver medals and a gold medal swimming at the World University games in S. Korea. Click here to read an article featuring Lindsay from the World University Games.

Now take a few moments to learn a little more Lindsay.

  1. What is your favorite “local” place to eat in Bloomington? What is your favorite “local” place to eat in Bloomington? :: I can’t say that I have 1 favorite. Going out to eat in Bloomington is always great because of how many great options there are! My top 3 are Village Deli (because of the massive pancakes), Upland (because of their upland wheat 🙂 and atmosphere, and of course Chocolate Moose!
  2. If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?  I would say my great grandparents. I have always wondered what it was like migrating to the U.S. and what the early 1900s were like here. It would be interesting to hear their stories.
  3. If you were stuck on an island and could only bring one object, what would you bring? A hammock!
  4. What is one piece of advice you would give to a new renter?  Start your search early! There are so many options in Bloomington, and you’ll want to find the place where you will be happiest.
  5. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?  I’ve been fortunate in the past year to have traveled a lot. One place I have always wanted to go is Ireland. It’s a beautiful country and I’m part Irish!
  6. What was you favorite childhood game or toy? My Skip It. It took jump roping to the next level.
  7. What is a piece of technology from the past that you miss?  My Nintendo 64 definitely. I wouldn’t call myself a gamer, but I absolutely loved Donkey Kong 🙂
  8. Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible and why?  I would definitely rather fly!
  9. Favorite website to waste time waste time on?  Either Pinterest or any home goods websites. I love decorating or looking at different pieces of furniture.
  10. Android, Iphone or other?  I have an iPhone, but sometimes I wish we all had flip phones. I spend way too much time on my phone!

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