Introducing Verona Park!

Renaissance Rentals is pleased to introduce Verona Park, a new community in development on Bloomington’s beautiful southeast side! Verona Park includes the Cape Dutch Villas, Porto Flats, and Courtyard Villas, all currently available to lease.

Verona Park is situated just south of the roundabout at Rogers and Sare, and the property includes attractive ponds and open green spaces. Part of preparing the property for development included restoring the east fork of Jackson Creek, which now reaches hundreds of newly planted trees and other greenery.

The video embedded below includes gorgeous drone footage of the current structures at Verona Park captured by Blake Brenneman of High Amplify Media. The footage allows you to appreciate the stunning European-inspired architecture and design of the community, and even lets you see inside the new Courtyard Villas! Follow this blog or our Verona Park Facebook page for more updates as the community grows and flourishes!

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