Maintaining Your Apartment During Freezing Temperatures

Extremely cold conditions will be rocking Bloomington, Indiana over the next couple days. It’s time to bundle up, be safe, and drink lots of hot cocoa! To ensure that you stay warm and that your apartment remains well maintained during the cold snap, consider these tips:

  1. Keep your heat on, but not too hot -Turning your heat off is a bad idea during frigid temperatures. However, you don’t want your heater working any harder then it absolutely has to either. We recommend keeping your heat between 65 and 68 degrees. If you set it any higher than 68, it’ll likely be running continuously and this can put a heavy strain on the system, ultimately risking maintenance problems.
  2. Be consistent with the temperature – During frigid temperatures, keep the temp in your home pretty consistent. Don’t adjust the temperature by any more than 2-3 degrees during the cold snap.
  3. Leave a stream of water running – Choose one faucet in your apartment and leave a small stream of water running. Even a little water flow dramatically reduces the risk of pipes freezing. If you worry about conserving water, leave a pot or bowl under the trickle and use it later for cooking, cleaning, or drinking.
  4. Keep windows closed –   Make sure all of your windows are completely closed. Locking your windows too will ensure that they’re shut tight.
  5. Open all air vents – Make sure your air vents are not blocked or closed to allow for maximum air flow in the home.
  6. Supplement with a space heater – If you’re mostly staying in one room, a space heater is an efficient way of heating just the areas you need warm. If a room in your apartment seems colder than the rest of your home, don’t turn the heat up higher – simply supplement with a space heater.

Note that it’s possible your heater will not reach the temperature you have it set for. This does not necessarily mean there is something wrong with your heater, but simply that it’s having trouble keeping up with the cold outside. Seeing your heat only reach 62 when you have it set to 65 is perfectly normal. You may have a problem though if you heater can’t reach a temperature of 58 inside the apartment.

Stay warm this weekend!

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