4 Reasons to Renew your Lease this Year

Way back when I was college student, for some reason I had the impression that you were supposed to switch apartments each year.  You live in the dorms your freshman year, then you get an apartment your sophomore year and … Read More

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How to use your Garbage Disposal

It’s 8:00PM, I just finished my famous bone-in rib eye steak & mashed potato dinner (feeling pretty proud of myself).  I’ve scraped the food remnants into the disposal and am getting ready to run the dishwasher.  Things are going along … Read More

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9 Tips to Stay Cool at Home this Summer

I woke up this morning and realized summer finally is here; the air is so dense you feel like you can reach out and grab a chunk of it.  A day like today is very stressful, except for maybe those … Read More

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