Redevelopment of the Ponds at Verona Park

The land on which Verona Park is being built has many beautiful natural features, including its border with Jackson Creek and some large, peaceful ponds. Recently, our development team has been working to improve and beautify these aspects of the property!

One of the major changes has been dividing a single large pond into two, with an ornamental spillway between them. The spillway makes use of preexisting limestone blocks that previously stood in the middle of the original pond.

Additionally, our landscaping team planted nearly 800 new plants, including young trees, along Jackson Creek. This will help this stretch of Jackson Creek return to its original state, preventing erosion, and further beautifying the area. Ultimately, the new ponds will be the focal point of Verona Park, and will boast walking paths and pleasant views.

Watch this space for further updates about the land development at Verona Park!

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