Employee Spotlight: Get to know Maddie Bradley!

Renaissance Rentals is staffed by a diverse team of local professionals. In our employee spotlight blog series, we’ll be highlighting the talented individuals that help to make our company Bloomington’s most trusted local landlord!

Maddie Bradley is a busy woman, not only heading our brand new HighGrove apartment community, but also assisting with leasing at the MeadowCreek Neighborhood and Porto Flats. It’s a good thing then that Maddie boasts excellent organizational skills and a strong work ethic, not to mention a great sense of humor! To help you learn more about Maddie, I’ve asked her some “getting to know you” questions.

1.) What is one item that you couldn’t live without?

“I can’t go anywhere without a reusable water bottle! I drink a lot of water so I usually have one on-hand at all times. I love that they keep my water ice cold and that it cuts down on plastic bottle waste.”

2.) Do you have any pets? Tell us about them!

“I do! I have a 2-year-old cat named Laurel. She can be feisty but also very sweet. She always greets me at the door with excited ‘meows’, and awaits me in the morning when I wake up. My goofy girl has a special fondness for feather toys, drinking out of the sink, and attempting to eat bananas that don’t belong to her.”

3.) Everyone’s got a guilty pleasure. What’s yours?

“Mine is the TV show Hoarders!”

4.) What is your favorite time of year?

“Mine is late summer through early fall. This time of year is ideal for camping, hiking, kayaking, and grilling out with friends!”

5.) What is your favorite part about working at Renaissance Rentals?

“My favorite part about working at Renaissance is the people. I feel honored to be a part of a team that is so exceptionally thoughtful and kind, not to mention passionate about their job! The attention to detail and the quality of work they strive to achieve pushes me to be my best self. I look forward to working with them daily.”

6.) Did you have a favorite cartoon show when you were growing up? 

“Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me! Kim Possible!”

7.) If you could travel to any part of the world, where would you go?

“I would want to travel to the Mediterranean, especially Italy and Greece. I’m intrigued by that distinctive blue sea, that region’s devotion to good food, and the old-world charm! I find myself dreaming about those places often.”

8.) Of all the floorplans and apartments our company offers, which is your favorite?

“My favorite floorplan is the McCormick at SummerHouse. The main level is spacious, which is great if you like to cook and entertain as I do. It includes a long kitchen island, adding more food prep space and room for extra seating at the bar top. The top level has two spacious bedrooms, each with an attached bath!”

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